MACC’s Kinder room offers an educational program for a small group of 15 children aged between three and five years. Fully qualified Kindergarten teachers and early childhood educators focus on school readiness and regularly observe and share their findings with families. We focus on making the transition to school as smooth as possible by ensuring that your child has the necessary skills required before entering their school years as willing participants and confident learners. A range of rich and stimulating experiences are provided to nurture children’s development, curiosity and exploration that not only prepare your child for school but prepare your child for life.

Children’s participation in a variety of activities is valued, rather than the production of a recognisable result. Thus, the program is aimed at developing each child’s confidence in their own ability, and to take on new challenges.

A copy of the program is displayed in each of the rooms for parents to view and provides a wide range of individual and group experiences which foster all areas of children’s development. The program design is flexible and is regularly modified to include or extend on children’s current interests, parent/community input and children’s strengths and needs. It is also designed to offer children a balance of active and quiet play, indoor and outdoor play, structured and unstructured play, group/individual and open-ended play experiences.

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