Our Philosophy

MACC’s philosophy for the Centre

Our aim is to:

  • Ensure the children who attend MACC have the best possible early learning experience
  • Provide a high-quality and inclusive early learning environment in which our children can thrive.
  • Create authentic and inviting learning environments that support play-based learning.
  • Provide a diverse team of dedicated professionals that are friendly, nurturing and committed to equal opportunity for all.
  • Create a team culture that demonstrates understanding and respect of the individual needs of families and children.

For the children:

  • We believe early childhood is the most formative period of a child’s development of skills, attitudes and concepts.
  • We believe in equality and fairness, and recognise every child as a unique individual.
  • We acknowledge that children learn in a dynamic, complex and holistic way.
  • We encourage the children to respect our environment by allowing them to feel connected with, and to contribute to, their world by building a sense of wonder.

    with regard to nature, and a concern for present and future sustainability.

  • We foster good mental health and wellbeing by promoting an inclusive environment and adopting the Be You framework.
  • We believe that when children feel safe and secure, they explore, learn and grow.

For families:

  • We aim to provide a sense of community by supporting awareness and exploration of diversity of culture, gender, heritage and background inclusive of indigenous culture and history.

We believe that families play a pivotal role in their children’s lives and are the primary influence on their learning and development, hence we encourage a collaborative partnership and high level of involvement and participation.

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