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Moresby Avenue Childcare Bulleen

View From the Sandpit at MACC


Moresby Avenue Childcare and Early Learning Centre (MACC) is a 39-place non-profit community childcare centre, which is run by a parent committee of management. We offer permanent and occasional care to accommodate the needs of all families where possible.




Our aims are to:

  • create an authentic and inviting learning environment that supports play-based learning;
  • implement educational programs that provide opportunities for children to grow and develop to their best potential;
  • offer high-quality care for children where they can feel comfortable, safe and secure;
  • present opportunities for families to be involved in all aspects of centre governance;
  • supply a facility enabling families to access education, training and parenting support; and
  • provide a sense of community by supporting awareness and exploration of diversity.

About the centre

MACC is situated in a quiet residential street. Children are not exposed to noisy traffic and pollution. We are, however, easily accessible, as the Eastern Freeway is just a short drive away.

Our facilities include:

  • a large outdoor play area with ample trees for shade and natural appeal;
  • a separate outdoor play area for the Koala room children, aged 3 months to 2 years;
  • air conditioning and heating in all rooms;
  • regular educational incursions (e.g. rabbit-rearing and chicken-hatching program) and visits from local community members (e.g. visit from the local police) to enrich the children’s learning;
  • a wide range of natural and educational equipment for the children to explore; and
  • the provision of onsite cooked meals, bedding and disposable nappies.

We also offer a well-balanced menu:

Food at Moresby Avenue Childcare Bulleen

Our Kitchen and Full Time Chef Connie


We have an experienced and fully qualified cook, who prepares all meals and snacks in our own centre kitchen. We make sure that our kitchen is safe, hygienic and regularly audited. Our qualified staff ensure that dietary requirements are met, especially when catering for children with allergies and special diets. Our six-weekly menu contains nutritious meals, and rotates between days to offer a wide variety of foods for all children, including morning tea, a hot lunch and afternoon tea. Additionally, breakfast and a light supper is provided for children who arrive early or leave late.

MACC’s committee of management

As an incorporated association MACC is run by a parent committee of management, which meets monthly to oversee centre operations. The committee members work closely with MACC’s centre directors to ensure prudent and responsible practices.

The committee of management consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Vice-Secretary, Treasurer, Vice-Treasurer and committee members.

Committee meetings are held at the centre at 7 pm on every second Wednesday of the month. We welcome guests to join our meetings or contact the committee members directly. Please refer to the noticeboard in the centre foyer for contact and meeting details.

MACC employment opportunities

We have no employment vacancies at the moment, but are always on the lookout for qualified educators to join our team. Please send your resume to office@moresbychildcare.org.au

MACC and KidsMatter 

MACC takes part in the KidsMatter Early Childhood Government initiative (link to: http://www.kidsmatter.edu.au/early-childhood/about). KidsMatter is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and early childhood education and care services. It supports:

  • professional development and implementation supporting the centre’s planning and daily practice;
  • educators to recognise when children may be at risk of experiencing mental health difficulties; and
  • a greater understanding of pathways to access professional intervention.

MACC’s incursions

According to centre policy we provide a number of educational incursions throughout the year, which are outlined in our yearly events calendar. Previous incursions have included:

  • visits from a local doctor, dentist and police officer;
  • cultural experiences;
  • music and movement programs; and
  • a rabbit-rearing and also a chicken-hatching program.

To provide for variety, incursions vary from year to year depending on the children’s interests. These experiences are provided at no extra cost.